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Updated on Monday 23rd January 2023
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Legal-Services-in-Creta.jpgIf you are searching for legal services in Crete, our lawyers can provide you with consultancy services and legal representation for a wide category of cases. Our team is comprised of lawyers who can offer legal services to individuals, companies, businessmen, and can easily represent foreigners interested in relocating here for personal or business purposes. 
Our team of lawyers in Chania is also prepared to help those who need tax assistance and accounting services. Litigation cases can also be resolved with the help our Greek lawyers, and you can rely on us on debt recovery procedures. For more details concerning our legal services in Crete, we invite you to the read the information below. 

How can our lawyers in Chania help in foreign investment matters?

If you want to open a company in Greece in the city of Chania and you represent a foreign businessman, the rules of the foreign investment law will apply. Although most of foreign investors can easily arrive in this country for business purposes and benefit from the same rights applicable to Greek businessmen, in certain cases the need to obtain specific approvals and visas will be necessary. 
As a part of the European Union (EU), Greece will receive foreign investors from the EU without any specific formalities, as the EU guarantees the free movement of persons within the EU space. However, for those who live outside the EU or the European Economic Area, the right to start a business will be granted only after applying (and obtaining) visas designed for business purposes. 
Our team of lawyers in Greece can help you navigate better through the provisions of the laws concerning foreign investments – here, our lawyers in Chania can present the available incentives that can be obtained by foreign investors, the steps for obtaining a visa and a residence permit, the type of business visas one can qualify for based on the value of the capital invested in Greece, etc. In the list below, you can discover few important details on matters related to foreign investments: 
  • sectoral investments can be obtained in accordance with the rules of the New Development Law 4399/2016;
  • businessmen who purchase properties in Greece that have a value above EUR 250,000 can obtain residence permits as per the rules of the Law 4251/2014;
  • matters concerning loans in Greece received by foreign investors are regulated by the Law 4354/2015, further amended by the Law 4389/2016;
  • foreign businessmen who develop general investment activities can receive a residence permit valid for a period of 5 years;
  • those who invest in strategic sectors can obtain residence permits that are valid for a period of 10 years. 

General legal services offered by our lawyers in Chania 

When you will address our team, you should be sure of the fact that our lawyers in Greece cover the entire spectrum of this branch of activity, and thus, that you can be represented in front of the court or outside the court in most of the matters that are regulated by the Greek law
From matters related to the life and activity of a company (corporate governance, commercial law, tax advice for companies, audit and accounting services, tax returns, employment matters, contract law, etc.) to matters that are more related to the daily life of a person (marriage, divorce, inheritance, drawing wills, signing the power of attorney), our lawyers in Chania are qualified to provide top legal services

How can our lawyers in Chania assist in intellectual property matters?

Our clients can receive legal advice and representation on matters pertaining to intellectual property – here, we can help you register a trademark or register a patent (there are different procedures and regulations for each category of intellectual property work). Our team can help in the process of registering a trademark or another sign that will be protected at a national level or at a European level. 
As we mentioned above, our team can help in litigation cases, and this also includes matters that can arise from intellectual property issues. The same services can be offered for patent registration or litigation. Domain names are considered to be intellectual property as well, and here, our Greek lawyers can provide legal assistance. 
Real estate property matters can be concluded with the help of our lawyers and if you need to purchase a property in Chania, Greece, please do not hesitate to request for legal advice before you decide on buying the property. Our law firm in Greece is qualified to perform all the steps that assure us and our clients that the property is sold without any hidden flaws. For any other legal issue, please contact our lawyers in Chania.  
If you are interested to buy a house in Greece in other regions outside Chania, you can still rely on our law firm, as we have more offices operating in different areas of the country. 
The laws for purchasing properties in Greece are the same, regardless of the region. Foreign nationals can easily purchase properties here, but there are more regulations to be followed in the case of non-EU applicants.