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Power of Attorney in Greece - Civil and Commercial Services

Obtain Power of Attorney in Greece

Updated on Tuesday 14th September 2021
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Obtain-Power-of-Attorney-in-Greece.jpgThe power of attorney in Greece represents a legal document through which a person, be it an individual or a company, gives the power of being represented by another person. The document can also be signed to provide a set of rights to our lawyers in Greece
The power of attorney (POA) can be signed for a wide range of reasons – for instance, the document can be used when opening a Greek company; in this particular case, you can be represented by our Greek lawyers throughout the entire process of registration, from signing the statutory documents, to obtaining business permits or registering for taxes. 
As a natural person, you can also rely on this document for a wide range of situations; thus, there are numerous ways in which you can delegate another entity to represent you. However, for this to happen, there are specific conditions you must fulfill. You can find in this article several basic aspects of the power of attorney in Greece.

What are the conditions for signing the power of attorney in Greece?

The Greek POA can be signed for a wide range of reasons, as said above. The person who gives the power of attorney will have to comply with certain requirements, in accordance with the Greek law. First, it is necessary to meet the age requirements in order to be able to give the power of attorney to another person.  
The document must always be signed in person, and the person granting the document must be in person in the place where the document will be signed. For a Greek citizen or resident, there are more options in this sense, while for foreigners who want to appoint Greek lawyers, the document has to be signed in a Greek consular mission or embassy
For this to take place, the foreigner must provide clear proof on his or her identity, and this refers to his or her name and surname, the names of the parents, the place of birth and others. The power of attorney in Greece must always be signed by a public notary (a Greek one) or by Greek lawyers
For those who do not understand the Greek language, when preparing the power of attorney, a translator or an interpreter must participate in this procedure, and this is a mandatory requirement, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic. Some important aspects are highlighted below: 
  • the person who gives the power of attorney in Greece to another person must have an age of at least 18 years old, which is a requirement applicable to the person who will act on behalf of that person;
  • the fee charged for the issuance of the POA is of EUR 50 per sheet;
  • according to the law, 1 sheet of POA is comprised of 2 pages;
  • a copy of the Greek power of attorney is charged with a fee of EUR 10;
  • other obligations related to the POA derive from the Greek Civil Code, Article 303. 

What information should the donor provide when giving the Greek POA? 

The donor refers to the person who wants to give the right to be legally represented by another person/entity. When preparing the power of attorney in Greece, the donor is legally required to present personal information, which is compulsory for the issuance of the document. 
Our law firm in Greece can offer an extensive information regarding this subject and can help you sign this document, which, according to the Greek law, has to clearly present the purpose for which is signed and the exact rights and ways in which one can represent the donor. 
As said above, the personal identity information of the donor represent a basic requirement. Besides these, the donor must offer additional details, as the ones mentioned below. Provided that you need legal advice on the following, you can easily reach our team of Greek lawyers
  • various types of certificates – such as birth certificates, marriage certificates or birth certificates, issued by the Greek authorities;
  • provided that you are a foreigner, the same documents are necessary, but they will need to have a certified translation;
  • information on your residential address in Greece or, if you are a foreigner who’s not residing in Greece, the residency address from your home country;
  • the tax identification number issued by the Greek/foreign authorities, where applicable;
  • the occupation of the donor of the power of attorney in Greece
Of course, the person who receives the power of attorney (known as proxy), must also provide similar information. Then, if all the information is provided as necessary, the document can be drafted and signed by our team of Greek lawyers for the specific purpose that you need. If you, for instance, need legal representation for the purchase of a property, the document must contain the exact ways in which the proxy is entitled to represent you. Please contact our law firm in Greece for more information.