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Lawyers in Athens, Greece - Legal Representation

Legal Services in Athens

Updated on Monday 19th December 2022
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Legal-Services-in-Athens.jpgAthens is the capital city of Greece, the place where numerous foreigners arrive for business or personal reasons. Oftentimes, foreigners of all categories can require legal services; in certain situations, foreigners can request legal services in Athens because they are not familiarized with the local laws, and in other cases, they can address to local lawyers due to the fact that they need legal representation. 
Our team of lawyers in Athens, Greece is qualified to provide legal advice and consultancy services on a wide range of matters, but also to offer legal representation in front of the Greek institutions and Greek courts. You can rely on our team in the case in which you are an individual or a corporate entity. Of course, our services are not only address to foreigners, but also to Greek residents or to Greek citizens

In what areas of law can companies address to lawyers in Greece? 

If you represent a local company or a foreign entity or you want to become a businessman, there are numerous cases in which you might need legal representation and assistance from professionals who are familiarized with the commercial regulations. We can assist you in any matter concerning the Business Law. 
Here, for instance, we can represent those who want to open a new company with advice on the most suitable business form they should choose, the capital they must prepare, the documents required for incorporation and the authorizations required by the Greek institutions, submitting the papers for tax registration and so on. 
Our lawyers in Athens, Greece are qualified to assist foreign companies expanding on the local market by registering a branch office or a subsidiary or by establishing a representative office. Also, our team can participate in the process of mergers and acquisitions (the first, refers to the legal process through which two corporate structures unite under a single entity, and the latter, to the process through which a company purchases another company). 
Our services include any other type of corporate restructuring and you can also rely on our Greek law firm on matters related to the insolvency of company with Greek or foreign capital. Companies dealing with litigation matters can address to our team of legal representation in court or out-of-court proceedings; we also represent clients dealing with debt collection cases, where the debtor are other corporate entities or private clients. 
For the purchase of a commercial property or the sale of it, our Greek lawyers remain at your disposal as well; if you need assistance on the tax law and the tax obligations of companies registered here, our lawyers in Athens, Greece can help you. Our team can present the main tax benefits and exemptions you can obtain as a foreign investor (they can differ based on the legal entity of the company, the sector in which the company operates, the size of the company and similar variables). 
Our lawyers can also assist foreigners who want to buy a property in Greece for residential purposes. Please mind that Greece imposes certain taxes during the transaction of the property – the VAT and the transfer of ownership tax. 
It is also important to know that as a owner of a property, you will have tax obligations throughout the financial year, such as paying the real estate tax. 

Data on Greek lawyers 

The legal profession of lawyer is very well represented in Greece, as it is in other European countries. Please mind that the lawyers in Athens, Greece that have gained their degree in one of the states of the European Union (EU) can develop their activities in other EU countries, and this also includes Greece. Below, you can read few information on this topic: 
  • according to the Athens Bar Association, in 2015, there were 21,439 lawyers in Athens, Greece
  • from this, women lawyers accounted approximately 50% (12,276 lawyers);
  • according to the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe, Greece had 123 EU lawyers that registered here under their professional title gained in their home country, as per the regulations of the Article 2 of Directive 98/5/EC;
  • in 2015, 34 of the foreign lawyers gained admission in Greek legal institutions, in accordance to the rules of the Article 10 of the Directive 98/5/EC;
  • Cyprus had a large number of Greek lawyers developing legal activities there – 27 lawyers more exactly, and the next largest number of Greek lawyers was observed in the United Kingdom, of 17. 

How can our lawyers in Athens, Greece help individuals? 

Our Greek law firm can provide numerous legal services to individuals – here, we mention immigration services (obtaining a visa, a residence permit, becoming a Greek permanent resident or citizen), legal services related to the family law (getting married, divorcing, sharing property, custody of the children), inheritance law and others. For more details, we invite to contact our law firm in Greece. Our lawyers are ready to assist you and offer legal representation. Please address to us if you want to buy a property here for residential purposes.