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Lawyers in Greece
Lawyers in Greece
Legal Services in Greece

Lawyers in Greece

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

Do you need a litigation attorney in Greece? We can help you!

Open a company

Our local lawyers can help you register a company in Greece.


If you need a special permit or license for your business in Greece, do not hesitate to contact us.

Company liquidation

If you need company liquidation services, we are at your disposal.

Debt Collection

Are you dealing with debt recovery in Greece? Our lawyers can help you.

Tax advice/Planning

We can advise clients in several taxation matters. Find here more.

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Greece Law Firm

Greece Law Firm

Updated on Friday 27th January 2017
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Our Greece law firms provide legal services of high quality, based on honesty and respect for customers. For each client we come up with a customized solution created specifically to solve each certain problem. Therefore, each client is very important to us and our lawyers respond with promptitude, seriousness and professionalism to all the customers’ requirements.

Our professional team of lawyers is able to offer consultancy in Greece business law (commercial contracts, debt collection procedures, commercial litigation, and litigation in bankruptcy proceedings), private international law, banking law, labor law, intellectual property law, enforcement and legal actions in foreclosure proceedings - appeals to execution, foreclosure suspensions, administrative and constitutional law.

Interested in opening a company in Greece? Ask our lawyers for support. Each law firm we are working with will provide guidance and counseling for every step required by the Greece Law for opening a company. A company may take different forms in Greece, for example: company limited by shares (Anonymos Eteria, AE), limited liability company (Eteria Periorismenis Efthynis, EPE), general partnership (Omorythmos Eteria, OE); limited partnership (Eterorythmos Eteria , EE) and sole proprietorship (Athomihi Epihirisi). Our law firms will provide full services, step-by-step, starting with the filling of documents with the Athens Bar Association and finalizing with the registration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Read more on this subject here

When you want to liquidate a company in Greece our lawyers will help you by offering the most suitable options in accordance to the Greek Law. Our lawyers’ experience and knowledge in this filed recommend us to be the best solution when you need legal advice and counseling in this field. As you may know, according to the Greek Civil Code regulations, the law on the modernization and development and the law on taxation Greek, a company has to follow two steps before ceasing to exist: the dissolution and the liquidation. You find here a brief review of the liquidation procedure in Greece. 

Almost every entrepreneur has had to do with overdue payments or even outstanding invoices, especially in the critical economical period felt in Greece. Our expert lawyers, by cooperating with good skilled accountants, are able to help you surpass these inconvenient situations. We offer our lawyers’ firms services from the beginning of a debt collection procedure, which usually consists in informing the debtor about the outstanding amount, until the completion procedure which usually involves court hearings. Want to know more about the debt collection in Greece? Check our brief material here

When your company is eligible for double taxation exemption in Greece, ask our lawyers firm for appropriate support. Our lawyers work in accordance to the provisions of the treaties signed with other countries and regulated by the Greek Minister of Finance through the Tax-Refund system. In the first instance you will need a proving certificate stating that you already pay taxes in your origin country and for the rest steps of the procedure let our lawyer’s work for you with the guarantee of success and optimal conditions. Here you can find out more about the double taxation avoidance in Greece. 

Our lawyer firms may also offer you advice, consultancy, action and representation for tax advice and other matters related to corporate tax compliance, payroll services and VAT registration. 


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